FUB 101: How to Use Follow Up Boss Like a Boss [Webinar Recording]

New to Follow Up Boss?

Every Wednesday we host a live session of the FUB 101 Webinar.
You can watch this recent recording anytime here:

FUB 101: How to Use FUB Like a Boss

This webinar covers:

  • basics of staying organized in Follow Up Boss
  • best practices for tracking lead follow-ups
  • best daily workflow
  • tons of tips and tricks for getting off to a great start!

Leveling Up

Want to use smart lists like we did in the webinar? Copy them from the Best Practices list like this: Best Practice Smart Lists.  Bonus video: The Best Ways to Prioritize Your Leads and Follow Up In Seconds

Use Mass Actions to get organized in a snap. Bonus video: Organize Your Database like the Best in the Business

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