Have More Meaningful Conversations

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 9th, 2020

Have More Meaningful Conversations

Well-timed, personalized messaging promotes better lead nurturing. Stand above other agents who send generic messaging by following these tips.

Send Targeted Messaging to List Segments

Contact leads based on where they are in the sales cycle.

  • Use filters and smart lists to drill down into specific segments of your list. E.g. All sellers over a certain price point.
  • Send a batch email with tailored messaging that’s specific to just this audience.

Pick Back Up on Last Conversation

You speak to dozens of people daily. Never miss a beat and personalize every conversation.

  • Call and text logs allow you to quickly recall the last time you spoke, including any notes made about the call:


  • In background, you're able to weave personalized information into your conversation:


Communicate via Their Preferred Method

  • Initiate both calls and texts directly in from our desktop or mobile app.

Know What Communications Interested Them Most

  • Open/Click tracking gives you insight into the last time they opened one of your marketing emails and if they engaged with the content:


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