Admin Account Setup - 10 Simple Steps

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 2nd, 2020

Welcome! We're excited that you have chosen Follow Up Boss as your lead management platform. Below are ten easy steps that will set you up for success!

1. Invite Your Team

Follow Up Boss makes automated lead distribution and collaboration simple. It's important to invite your team members early so they can get familiar with FUB and we can start following up on their behalf.

2. Import Contacts

Ensure you have your team's past and current contacts loaded into Follow Up Boss. Having your database in the system allows you to centralize your sales operations and help your team be as efficient as possible.

3. Connect Your Email

An email connection allows for central tracking of communication between team members and their contacts. It also helps us determine who you should follow up with next.

For account owners, a connected email is especially important as we can automatically detect leads that hit your inbox. This eliminates the need for the manual setup of most lead sources.

4. Sync Your Lead Sources

Connect FUB with your lead sources so new leads are added to FUB automatically. This looks a little different for different lead sources, so search your lead source by name (ie Listings to Leads, or Zillow) here to find steps for connecting your lead sources.

5. Setup Lead Distribution

Once your leads are flowing into Follow Up Boss, you can automatically distribute them to agents to expedite lead follow up.

6. Set Your Automated Follow Up

Instantly reply to incoming leads with automated action plans that include both an initial text message, emails, and tasks.

7. Download Our Apps

Use our system on-the-go with our mobile apps! It's important that each team member have our app downloaded, this way they can receive mobile lead alerts and text replies.

8. Use Smart Lists to Never Lose An Opportunity

Smart Lists are a very powerful part of our system. They provide a simple and very efficient way for your agents to work through all of their follow ups.

Smart Lists are a secret weapon of our highly efficient teams. They are saved searches that automatically pull in leads based of pre-set criteria like last communication, property views, and more.

9. Explore Calling and Texting

Texting is one of the best ways to get in front of your leads at any time. Follow Up Boss allows for you to communicate 1:1 with your leads via text.

We also make texting efficient with handy text templates that can be sent in just a click.

We have an integrated Calling feature that allows users to easily connect with their leads. Your team can also utilize a Shared Inbox so that calls can come into a central number and then get distributed to the team members of your choice.

Additionally, we have Call Lists which allow team members to autodial the leads of their choice.

10. Learn About Team Reporting and Accountability

Holding your agents accountable is an important factor in increasing your conversions. We track agent follow up and deals for you!

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