Working with an ISA/Client Care Coordinator

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 2nd, 2020

Many of our customers are starting to work with an Inside Sales Agent (also known as ISA, Client Care Coordinator, Lead Manager, etc.). Because they operate a bit differently than other agents, there are a few changes to the way you should set up your Follow Up Boss account if you work with an ISA.

For those new to the concept, an ISA is a person dedicated to calling and following up with all your new inbound leads, nurturing those that aren't ready to work with an agent yet, and then referring qualified leads onto an agent on your team. In some cases, team leaders have extended this function to include also tracking leads once they've been referred to an agent to ensure the prospect/customer is getting the right level of follow up and service and reassigning the lead to another agent if not.

For more details on adding this to your business, check out the interview we did with Preston Guyton on how he leveraged an ISA to quadruple conversions from his online leads.

  1. In most cases, you'll want to make your ISA an 'Admin' on your account. This will give them full access to the leads when they come in, as well as once the leads are assigned out to agents on the team, allowing them to continue to track the leads they have referred out to agents.
  2. Under Lead Flow, change your lead sources to assign directly to your ISA. This will notify your ISA directly on new leads and all your follow up automations will run on their behalf, rather than with the name of your agents, ensuring continuity for the lead on the receiving end of your follow ups.
    1. If you prefer to directly assign leads to an agent so automated messages are sent in the agent's name and have the ISA look in on the leads to do additional follow up, make sure you enable notifications on all new leads for your ISA.
  3. Set up 3-5 smart lists for your ISA to check at least 2x per day to see any leads that need follow up. Based on conversations with long time ISA expert Mitch Ribak, we recommend:
    1. Contact created less than 12 days ago, is in the 'Lead' stage, and hasn't been called, emailed, or texted in the last 2 days.
    2. Contact created less than 365 days ago, is in the 'Nurture' stage, and hasn't been called, emailed, or texted in the last 30 days.
    3. Contact created MORE than 365 days ago, is in the 'Nurture' stage, and hasn't been called, emailed, or texted in the last 30 days.
    4. Contact is in the 'Lead' or the 'Nurture' stage, has been on your website in the last 7 days, and hasn't received a call, email, or text in the last 14 days (if you have a well-integrated IDX website).
    5. In addition, the ISA should be checking lists to see how the agents are doing with the leads they've provided, looking at leads in the Hot Prospect, Buyer and Seller stages who haven't been engaged with in a week or more. Hot Prospects could maybe even be a shorter timeframe like 2 days.
  4. If you've got enough leads coming in to warrant even a part-time ISA, you'll want to check out our integrated calling feature as well to make them as efficient as possible. It won't take long to see ROI from this feature.

If you opt not to use an in-house ISA and want to work with an outsourced service, they'll have some recommendations for how to set up your Follow Up Boss account to share the leads you're getting with them for calling. In most cases it involves adding them as a user to your account and assigning leads to them through your Lead Flow screen.

If you're interested in exploring one of these services, we recommend looking at and Agentology to start as they've got US-Based operations, US-based callers, and have a solid track record with our customers.