Getting the Most out of Follow Up Boss (Admin/Account Owners)

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 2nd, 2020
When implementing a system like Follow Up Boss, there are many customizations that can be made to your account. These possibilities can make teams feel like they are missing out on all that Follow Up Boss has to offer.
Worry not! Below are the most effective ways for you to maximize your usage of FUB, while still keeping things easy to use for all!
Our goal is to be your simple, yet powerful, follow up platform.


The Basics

Become Familiar with How Agents Use Follow Up Boss

As an admin, it's important for you to get a view from the agent perspective as well. To do this, view our Getting the Most Out of Follow Up Boss article for agents, and be sure each agent on your team does as well.

Make Follow Up Boss Part of Your Daily Routine

Agents who check their CRM every day, or even multiple times per day, see better results. Yes, it’s great that Follow Up Boss can automatically follow up your leads, but it’s important that it becomes part of your daily lead management.
Here are some tips to make that happen:
  • Make sure every team member has downloaded our mobile app and has push notifications enabled.
  • Suggest that your team log in every morning and check their FUB Calendar on either their desktop or mobile device.

Taking the Training Webinar is Essential

Our how-to videos are great, but there is nothing like our live webinar learning environment. 
Not only will you receive a great overview on how Follow Up Boss works, but you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and hear questions from others. (In fact, many consider the live Q&A the best part!)
It should be a goal to have each team member attend a webinar within their first two weeks of using Follow Up Boss.


Lead Follow Up & Management

Ensure Action Plans are Enabled

Turn On Best Practices Smart Lists

More info here. 


Have an ISA or Client Care Coordinator?  

Here are our suggested best practices. This article also includes a link to a webinar on boosting your lead conversion.

Daily Practices for Admins

Topics included in this video:
  • Review Calendar for Team
  • Track Lead Management in Reporting Screen
  • See Most Recent Activity/Most Recent Leads 

Simple Customizations for Your Team

Matching Follow Up Boss to your team’s way of categorization, jargon, lead ranking, etc., can make your FUB system feel like a seamless extension of your business.
Implementing these customizations early means your team members will be on track from the very beginning!
Below are a couple of customizations the Account Owner can implement:

Custom Stages

Follow Up Boss provides some basic stages that your team can use,  as explained here. Or, you can create custom stages for your team. Take a look at how that’s done and some stage suggestions:

More info on Custom Stages. 


Custom Fields

Perfect for adding standard, additional information to each contact. Custom fields can really dial-up how targeted you can be when working your leads.
Suggested custom fields include:
  • Projected Move Date
  • Lead Rating
  • Pre-Approved/Approved
Here’s how to create custom fields:

If your team would like to identify important lead contacts, you can also create text fields such as:

  • Referred By
  • Lawyer
  • Inspector


What to Do After Implementing These Best Practices

Book a Private Training with Follow Up Boss

If your team still has questions, you're welcome to book a private team training. We hold these via GoToMeeting and they are very effective for getting teams up to speed. (Reach out to or email your account rep.)

Schedule a 4-Week Check In within Your Team

Get your team together for a meeting four weeks after implementing Follow Up Boss. This is where your will make sure everyone is on track with Follow Up Boss, and is the perfect place to field questions early.

This is a great time to determine if every team member has:

  • Reviewed All Getting Started Steps
  • Attended the Training Webinar
  • Gone Through All Steps in Best Practices Article

Schedule a 3-Month Check In within Your Team

Similar to your four week meeting, the three month mark is an ideal place to make sure everything with your Follow Up Boss account is on track.

This is a good time to review:

  • How Comfortable Your Team is with Follow Up Boss (You may want to do a quick Q&A call with our support team.)
  • Any Additional Smart Lists Your Team May Use
  • Your Team's Usage of Custom Fields (Add or subtract, as needed.)
  • Updates to Our Software That May Benefit Your Team (

Remember, we're here to help out every step of the way. If you have questions, email us at