Calendar View & Appointment Setting | Teams

Teams within Teams filtering is available to accounts on our Platform plan.


About the Team Calendar View

Team Calendar filtering gives Team Leaders & ISAs the ability to:

  • View the current workload of all team members.
  • Understand agent availability for lead assignments, appointments, etc.
  • Create and edit calendar appointments for their team members.

Viewing & Management Permissions

Account Admins: Can view and manage calendars for all teams.
Team Leaders & ISAs: Can view and manage each team member’s calendar.
Team Members: Can view and edit their individual calendars.

How to Filter to See Team Calendars

Use the dropdown in the upper-right corner to choose a team calendar view:

Creating Appointments for Team Members

1. Click "Add Appointment" at the top-right:

2. Add event information and invite the team members and clients of your choice:

Editing Appointments for Team Members

1. Click the appointment on the calendar:

2. Click Edit Appointment

3. Make any needed edits, then click Save

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