Working Your Smart Lists

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 9th, 2020

These smart lists are designed to help you work with the right people at the right time.

Use this guide and your smart lists to know who to call each day and never let another lead slip through the cracks.

Read on to learn:

How it Works
The Basics
What Your Smart Lists Do
How to Work Your Smart Lists
Leveling Up

How it Works

You will automatically know who you need to follow up with because your smart lists are your “who to call” lists! 

These lists work when you track two simple things:

  • Who each person is to you right now - using Stage in FUB, and
  • The last time you talked - “Last Communication” in FUB. This is the last time you called, texted, or emailed this person.

Your smart lists are part of your daily workflow to build relationships that will lead to more deals. Even with automations and action plans, there is no substitute for the unique value you bring to the table. Smart lists help you prioritize your time so you can efficiently and confidently contact the right people at the right time. 

Boss Tip: The most successful agents block a few minutes each day to work their Leads and Hot lists, and block time each month to work their Nurture and PC/SOI lists.

The Basics

The smartest smart lists start with good database organization. 

Smart lists are saved filters, designed to automatically find the people who match those filters. Think of them as saved searches of your database. You can find your smart lists on the People tab of your account and People section of the app on your phone.


What Your Smart Lists Do

These smart lists are designed to help you convert more leads and generate more referrals. They work if you work them!

Each smart list uses filters to find a specific type of contact in your database:

Today's Leads New leads from today. Make sure you have called them!
Clients List of your active buyers and sellers. These are the people you put in your Active Client stage. 
Leads/Daily Keep contacting these new leads daily to engage them! These are people in the Lead stage who are less than 11 days old that you haven't contacted in the last 12 hours. Try them again!
Hots/2x Week Contact hot prospects every few days to stay engaged. These are people in the Hot Prospect stage that you haven't contacted in more than 3 days. Stay in touch to get them working with you! 
Nurture/Monthly These are people you're nurturing. Add value every month!
These are people in the Nurture stage that you haven't contacted in a month.  
PC/SOI/Quarterly   Contact your past clients and sphere of influence once a quarter to drive new business. Try this simple past client nurture strategy.
Stale Leads Leads from more than 11 days ago. These are people who are still in the Lead Stage and are more than 11 days old. See someone on this list who shouldn't be here? Update their stage so they're on the right list! You can batch email this list when you have new listings to generate interest and engagement.
Recently Active People on your website or inquiring this week.


Don't see these lists in your account? Copy them from our best practice smart lists like this.

How to Work Your Smart Lists

Remember: If you call your lead, remember to add notes from your call!
Log a call from your computer
Call from your iPhone app
Call from your Android app

Leveling Up