Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 9th, 2020

Send your lead conversation and data from Structurely back to FUB to stay in sync

  1. Click on the "Admin" icon on the top. Then click on "More" and click "API" from the dropdown. 
  2. Click "Copy" next to your "API Key" field s1.png
  3. Now, go to your HomeChat Dashboard. Click on the 'Settings Cog' on the left hand panel. Then click 'integrations'. Paste in your Follow Up Boss API key in the 'Follow Up Boss API Key' field
    ❗ If you want to only sync data on YOUR PERSONAL LEADS, paste in your Follow Up Boss API Key in the "My Account" section ❗ 
    ❗  If you want to sync data on ALL YOUR BROKERAGE OR TEAM LEADS, paste in your Follow Up Boss API Key in the "Agency" section. ❗ 👇 s2.jpg❗ NOTE: You will only see the "Agency" section if you are an Admin for a team or brokerage. ❗ 
  4. Don't forget to hit the "Save" button 😸 

Here's how it will look:

  • The Conversation transcript Aisa Holmes has with your lead will automatically be added as a "Note" to that lead in FUB 👇 

❗ NEW - Mute Aisa Holmes in FUB 

You can now Mute Holmes by simply adding / removing a tag labeled "Holmes Active" in FUB

  1. Every new lead will now be Auto-Tagged with "Holmes Active"s4.png
  2. When the 'Holmes Active' tag is active on a lead in Follow Up Boss, Aisa Holmes will be unmuted, and actively respond to leads in HomeChats5.png
  3. Remove the 'Holmes Active' tag to automatically Mute or Claim the lead from Holmes, all within Follow Up Bosss6.png
  4. Removing the "Holmes Active" tag automatically mutes Aisa Holmes in HomeChats7.png
  5. You can Unmute Aisa Holmes by just re-tagging a lead with "Holmes Active" in FUB at any time

❗ This feature is supported through the FUB mobile app as well ❗

  1. Find the lead on mobile, then see if the "Holmes Active" tag is active in their profile👇s8.png
  2. Tap the Tags section, then click 'Edit'. You can then click the red minus icon to remove the 'Holmes Active' tag and click Save - this will mute Holmes automatically all via the Follow Up Boss mobile apps9.png