Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 2nd, 2020 provide a service to help call and qualify your inbound leads from most real estate lead sources but what makes them unique is their depth of experience calling on IDX home search registration leads.


To set up the integration, reach out to your contact at and provide them your Follow Up Boss API key which can be found by going to Admin>API inside your Follow Up Boss account. They'll set up the integration from there.

How it Works

Through the integration, they're able to retrieve contact info for the new lead, as well as the details of who the lead was assigned to in Follow Up Boss.

**NOTE: the syncing of lead assigning is a 'one-time' event which means that if you change the lead assignment in FUB, their systems will not update to show that the lead is now assigned to someone else

Now that the lead has been sent to, they begin their calling to follow up with the lead and each call attempt, along with notes regarding status will show up as a call inside of Follow Up Boss on the contact's timeline.

When they reach one of your leads, they'll update the system with their full call notes, as well as a 'disposition' and recommended actions for the assigned agent to take. They will email the original assigned agent directly about this qualification event to also let them know about what actions are required. If the lead is considered 'Hot' they'll also call the assigned agent to make sure they're aware of this hot lead so they can follow up.