How to Connect with Aiva

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 9th, 2020

Connecting your Follow Up Boss account with Aiva will allow you to send leads to Aiva and sync communication notes back to Follow Up Boss. 

The integration works like this:

  • A new lead arrives in Follow Up Boss
  • We send the lead to Aiva so they can work their magic 
  • Aiva logs the communication and sends notes that are displayed in the contacts timeline in Follow Up Boss

Steps to Connect Your Follow Up Boss account with Aiva:

First, you need to send your leads to Aiva.  
1. Setup an email forwarding rule to send lead notification emails to your unique Aiva Concierge email address which can be found on the settings page: 

Instructions for Outlook/Office 365

Next, you'll need to add your FUB API Key to your Aiva account.

2. Copy your Follow Up Boss API key from the My Settings screen: 


3. Paste Your FUB API Key into your Aiva account.  Account > Integrations > Follow Up Boss > Paste API key: 


If you need assistance with getting this configured, please let us know or contact Aiva.