Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 9th, 2020


Have your Ylopo leads flow seamlessly into Follow Up Boss for engagement via custom action plans, strategic activity tracking, and follow up that leads to conversions.

Our robust integration with Ylopo provides deep-level insight into the behavior of your leads, giving your team expansive context and information about each lead and what they’re doing on your site.

This provides a much stronger chance to build relationships and prioritize focus on the highest value follow-ups.

Popular Ways to Use the Integration

Get on the Phone with Your Priority Leads

Convert leads when they are the hottest! Ylopo-specific Smart Lists in Follow Up Boss show your most active leads.

Use Call Lists to dial through all of them in just a click. 

Route Call to Active Agents

Ensure you connect with high-value phone leads by using Team Inbox.

When leads call your FUB company number, they will be routed to the agents of your choice.

View and Manage Leads on the Go

Our powerful iPhone and Android apps alert you of new leads, allow you to access your leads from anywhere, and always see who is active on your site.

Popular mobile features include:

  • Team Inbox
  • Website and Email activity
  • Smart Lists
  • Calling & Texting
  • Appointments

Easily viewYlopo information in FUB mobile:

  • Go to the notes section of the lead details screen. 
  • A note with the latest Ylopo data will be there (if available).
  • Click on the note to view the details and Ylopo links.
  • If you log into Ylopo from your FUB app, your password will be saved for 60 days.

How Ylopo Connects to Follow Up Boss

Available integration types:


 (Best full integration) 

Email Parsing

 (Gathers data found in emails only) 


 (Third party) 


Ylopo sends leads directly through the FUB API, creating a new contact record in FUB every time a lead registers with Ylopo. 

To connect your Ylopo account to Follow Up Boss, your Ylopo rep will require your API Key.

Texting & Action Plans

Action Plans

Ylopo provides custom action plans that are loaded into your Follow Up Boss account. For a full list of the Ylopo Action Plans in Follow Up Boss, see here. Many of these plans include an initial text message upon registration, plus a series of drip emails and follow up tasks.

You also have the ability to edit these plans, create your own plans, or review dozens of campaigns in the Follow Up Boss Action Plan Sharing Library  


Ylopo provides a variety of text templates that you can browse under Admin > Text Templates.

Utilize the provided templates or send custom one-on-one texts to your leads via desktop or mobile.

Behavioral Texts

Behavioral Texts are text message scripts Ylopo sends to the lead based on website activity.

y1.pngIf a lead responds, you (the assigned agent) will receive a text notification and the communication will appear as a note in FUB.

To remove/stop Ylopo behavioral texts, add the tag NOTEXT to the lead in FUB.

Additional Resources on Ylopo Behavioral Texts

Ylopo AI Texting and FUB

Easily View Ylopo Activity in FUB + View in Ylopo Stars


  • Searches on home site = visited website event in FUB (updates sent no more than once per hour to FUB).
  • Viewed properties sent no more than once per minute.

Additional Resources for Ylopo Stars

Ylopo Adds Information and Access Notes in FUB - Generated for New Leads and Returning Leads

  • Last Activity
  • Main City of Interest
  • The average price of homes viewed
  • Links


More About the Integration

Here is some of what you do in Ylopo:

  • Create saved search and new listing alerts for new leads.  Request to have Auto-Import turned on in Ylopo to have all your FUB leads automatically sync to Ylopo or quickly pull in lead details from FUB by pasting your FUB URL in the Add Lead section of Ylopo.
  • Update listing alert criteria that already exists for a given lead
  • Handpick listings and push those out to a client

These are the notifications Ylopo sends:

  • New lead notifications: Lenders receive email notifications for every new lead.  If you do not want to receive these in your inbox, set up a filter in your email to automatically archive these.
  • Requests for Info and Requests to show a property: You will receive a text notification
  • Behavioral text responses: You will receive a text notification

Deleting Ylopo Leads in FUB is NOT RECOMMENDED:

  • If you delete a Ylopo lead in FUB, you lose access to search info on the Ylopo side, and then cannot unsubscribe a lead from search unless you contact Ylopo support.
  • Ylopo continues to send listings to leads unless they unsubscribe or the agent turns them off in Ylopo. 

Getting Support from Ylopo

Reach out directly to Ylopo at support@ylopo.com for questions about:

  • Ylopo Stars
  • Behavioral Texting
  • Property Inquiries or notifications for property inquiries
  • Lead generation

About Ylopo

Our Facebook marketing allows us to show properties from our clients’ IDX feeds directly within Facebook feeds, showing the right properties to the right buyers and sellers at the right time.


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