Mailchimp for Agents

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 9th, 2020

Setting up Mailchimp for agents on your team

This is for teams who want to be able to sync up their Mailchimp and Follow Up Boss accounts for someone other than the admin. We'll be using Zapier to achieve this -- there are two Zaps we need to create in order to get this set up. The first one will be to pull over existing contacts in the system, and the second one will be to automatically pull in new leads moving forward.

After creating your free account at we can start making the Zap.

Before getting started, if you have a large amount of leads in your database we'd recommend skipping the first step below (Syncing current leads) and instead exporting your FUB Leads via a CSV file into Mailchimp. Check out here how to export your leads into a CSV: Exporting Contacts
And here's more info on how to pull those into Mailchimp: Importing Contacts to Mailchimp

Syncing current leads into Mailchimp

1) From Home -> Explore, we'll want to make one with connecting Follow Up Boss to Mailchimp. When this happens will be set to "New Tag Added to Contact" and Mailchimp as "Add/Update Subscriber" then click on Make a Zap!


2) For the next step, we'll need to link your Follow Up Boss account to Zapier if you haven't already used the system. You'll need your API key which can be found from Follow Up Boss and going to Admin -> API.


3) We'll need to choose a tag that will be our trigger to pull those leads over to Mailchimp, so something that hasn't been set on any of your leads yet is best:


 4) For Test This Step, you'll want to make sure you have a lead with a valid email you can use as a sample -- make sure to go and add the new tag onto a lead in your system so they can be pulled over as we'll have to sync a contact to Mailchimp later on in order to set up the Zap.

5) Continuing onto the Mailchimp section, we'll pick Mailchimp as the action app. The action will be Add/Update Subscriber:


6) Choose Account will have you link your Zapier to Mailchimp, you'll need to login with your Mailchimp credentials to tie the two systems together.

7) On Edit Template, the drop down of List will be the list you want to sync your Follow Up Boss subscribers to. If you don't have a list already set in Mailchimp, you'll want to make one in order to populate this list. For Subscriber Email, click the button on the right of the text field and select the option that says Primary Email. This is how we get the email info over to Mailchimp.

8) For making sure the names pull into your Mailchimp as well, you'll want to fill in the optional field of First Name and Last Name. Select the field button on the right hand side, and then click on the appropriate name option from the drop field like below, for both names:


9) In Test this Step, you should see your sample lead that you selected pulling in as the test -- send this on over to Mailchimp. Once complete, you should now be seeing that lead on your list you selected:

10) Last step in Zapier is to make sure your Zap is turned on at the top right corner after the test:

11) With that set up, we just need to add in the new tag we created to the existing leads in your Follow Up Boss database. From your people screen, make sure you have no filters selected, click the box next to Name, then where it says Select all ###, then the tag icon, then Add Tags. From here, add the tag you created back in step 3. Once these are added in, they will now sync on over to Mailchimp. Note that it will take some time depending on the size of your database.


Syncing New Incoming Leads into Mailchimp

With your Zapier account created, linked to Mailchimp, and existing clients now syncing into Mailchimp, we need a way to make sure new leads can flow into Mailchimp with ease so we don't need to add that tag onto all the new leads coming in. Thankfully Zapier already has an easy setup for this here at 

After clicking that link, you'll be brought to a screen to customize the new zap. Here's the settings we'll be using for it:

Follow Up Boss

1) New Contact

2) Use your Follow Up Boss account you linked

3) Select a sample lead from your options that has info in the primaryEmail slot:


1) Add/Update Subscriber

2) Use the Mailchimp account you linked

3) Similar to the first time we'll click the list we want to add the leads to, and select Primary Email from the drop down options on the right. Do this for First Name and Last Name as well if you want the names to pull over:

5) Send to test over to Mailchimp, and then finish and turn on the Zap


Now any new leads coming in to your system will automatically be synced over to your list within Mailchimp!

If you run into any issues or have any questions, please contact support at