Phone Numbers and Labels

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 9th, 2020

When you add or edit a phone number, you can easily label the phone number. We have some preset options you can quickly choose from, like "Home", "Mobile", or "Work", but you can also customize it like "Sue-Wife", "Larry-Work" or something to help describe the number further.

If you have multiple phone numbers, the select box will now show the label next to it.

What about wrong numbers or invalid numbers?

You can set a phone number as a "Bad Number" and it will give you extra visual warnings before you send a text or call a contact. We won't restrict you from continuing to use it, but we do want to make it easy for you to see that it might be a bad number.


Can I import Phones with labels?

Yes, you can. There are two ways in which we handle linking a phone and a phone number:

  1. Single column: Let's say in the CSV you have a column named "Home Phone Number", when you go to select a field, you can choose "Phone Home" option, which will add the "Home" label to the each of the phone numbers in that column. We also have one for "Mobile" and "Work".
  2. Multiple columns: If you have 2 columns, a "Phone Number" column and a "Phone Label" column, you can select the "Phone" field option for the "Phone Number", and the "Phone Type" field for the Phone Label" column. Then the text in the "Phone Label" column will be matched with the "Phone Number" column.