Working with Spouse Profiles

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 9th, 2020

Setting Up the Profile

Most agents prefer to keep both spouses on a single record in Follow Up Boss. This makes it easy to see all the history with both people in one place! Review the tips and best practices below.


Merge Fields

Add the first names of both spouses in the First Name field. This way our system to properly address and greet each person when it comes to email templates, batch emailing, mailing labels, etc.

Example of both names in First Name field:


Example email template:



Managing Contact Information

Use the first name in phone labels to easily identify whose number is whose:


Note that we do provide a label by default, but you can type over it to say whatever you like!


Phone labels will also show up on your Caller ID:



Tracking Communication

Calls and emails with both spouses are logged in one central profile so you can keep track of all communication.

Hover your mouse over the communication record to see which number was dialed or where an email was sent:



Batch Emailing

Easily send mass emails to every email address on the record:

On the desktop, check this box before send -


On the mobile app, click "Email All" - 



Additional Tips

For more information on working with spouses, including our suggestions for handling Action Plans, view our blog post: How to Work with Spouses in Follow Up Boss



Less Common:

If you prefer to make a page for each spouse, we recommend adding the unique Follow Up Boss URL of each person to the "Spouse Name" custom field.

Here's how that's done: