Block Phone Number or Email

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 9th, 2020

If you're receiving unwanted communication, it's easy to block phone numbers or email addresses.

How to Block a Phone Number or Email

1. From your Inbox, select the communication you wish to block:


2. Click the ellipsis (...) at the top right of the communication string, then choose the block option from the dropdown:


Managing Your Block List

Team Admins can access the list of blocked contacts by navigating to Admin > Company, then scrolling to the bottom of the screen:


Mass Block Emails or Phone Numbers

Add email addresses or phone numbers, separated by comma, to your block list, then click the blue button to confirm:


Unblocking a Contact

Simply click "Unblock" next to the email address or phone number:


Things to Note

Blocking an email address prevents communication from entering your Follow Up Boss account, it does not affect your direct email account.