Edit Virtual Phone Numbers

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: January 18th, 2021

Virtual Phone Numbers are given to every account, as well as for each user who has Calling enabled. These are the numbers your texts and calls come from.

Adding a team inbox number

For managing different lead sources or marketing campaigns, you can add multiple numbers to an individual team inbox. To add a number to the Team Inbox, choose "Add Number" from the Inbox Management page. 

Edit Company Phone number

To edit the company virtual phone number, the account owner can go to their company settings (Admin > Company) and click the edit icon next to the virtual phone number or the phone numbers page (Admin > Phone Numbers) and click on change number

Edit Team Inbox number

To update a virtual phone number, start by navigating to Admin > Phone Numbers and choose "Change numbers":
Enter the area code and choose "Find available numbers". You'll then be presented with some available numbers. Select one of the available numbers and click "Change phone number" to claim your number.

Please note changing your number will stop your old number from working.

Edit team member virtual phone number

To edit individual team members phone numbers, navigate to the phone numbers page (Admin > Phone Numbers) and choose the Actions drop down next to the individual team member. From there choose "Change number".