Lead Source Lock (Power-Up)

Written by Joe Kulick

Last published at: February 17th, 2021

When enabled Lead Source Lock allows you to restrict Lead Source edits by Agents and only allow Admin/ISA roles the ability to change the Lead Source once it's been set.

Here is an overview video of how this setting works side by side with an Agent and Admin view.

When Lead Source Lock is enabled

Admins/Team lead ISAs

Admin, Team Leads ISA will still have full ability to edit and add Lead Sources

  • Can still edit sources and add sources as normal within Follow Up Boss

  • Can still Mass update source

Agent/Lenders will be restricted:

  • No longer able to edit lead sources or add new lead sources
    • They will see the following message below if they attempt to change a Lead Source

  • No longer be able to Mass assign Source for leads
    • They will no longer see the option to mass update source

Agents can do any of the following:

  • Set the Lead Source if the Lead has a blank or <unspecified> Source

  • Edit/Set the source of a lead they themselves entered manually

  • Importing contacts will add sources only if they already exist for the team. Lead sources that do not match will show only import with a note showing what the source was during import. 
  • Agents API keys will also no longer be able to edit the source from a lead

Mobile Support 

With this Power-Up enabled agents will not be able to change lead source on Mobile.