Switching from Follow Up Boss Classic to 2

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 9th, 2020

I use Follow Up Boss classic and like it! Should I move to 2?

Good question! We started building the original Follow Up Boss back in 2011, and a lot's changed technology-wise since then, but more importantly a lot's changed about what we know about building good sales software. In Follow Up Boss Classic, you needed to use 4 - 5 other programs to follow up (email, text, phone, calendar), which was inefficient for following up and meant a lot of sales activity was not tracked. 

In Follow Up Boss 2 we rolled that workflow into one system so you're switching devices and browser tabs less, have more sales activity tracked and can get more done in the same amount of time.

We're committed to continuing to support Follow Up Boss classic as long as people are using it, but we won't be selling or on-boarding anyone else onto the system. 

That sounds good, but what's new?

Most of the Follow Up Boss features you know, such as notes, emails, action plans, lead flow, etc., are still present, but the interface is brand new, responsive, and real time. You'll also receive desktop alerts for important events such as when you get a new lead or someone texts you back. 

We've summarized some of the new features below and list new updates here and on our blog.


  • Reply to emails
  • Email attachments
  • Email open and click tracking
  • Inbox (emails, texts + calls from your contacts in one place)
  • Texting
  • Batch Emailing (send an email to a selected group of people within Follow Up Boss)
  • Calling - optional paid add-on (voicemails, call recordings, incoming calls, reporting etc)

Smart Lists:

  • Update in real time
  • Filter directly on list
  • Customize visible columns
  • More sorting options (click a column to sort)
  • More precise criteria (last email sent, last visit, last text etc)
  • Here's more on using SmartLists

Lead Management:


  • Much faster
  • Search by address
  • Search action plans, templates, tags faster


Action Plans:

Mobile apps:

  • Supports new inbox and texting features 
  • More stable 
  • Email/text history in contacts 
  • Updated Android app!

Improved reporting!

What else can I look forward to?

A few more things we aren't ready to reveal quite yet :) 

How do I switch?

Hover over your name in the top right corner, this will switch you to Follow Up Boss 2 with all the same data available as Follow Up Boss Classic. Each user in your account can switch independently.


How can I learn more about switching to Follow Up Boss 2?

As a starting point we recommend watching the training videos and webinar below.

Training videos

Watch the webinar on switching systems here

Contacted / Not Contacted

In Follow Up Boss Classic, the contacted button would pause the running action plan and indicate someone had spoken with the lead or received an email back.

In Follow Up Boss 2 we track more directly last email, last text, and last call so you can see the last activity vs not knowing what "contacted" represented. You can also now pause action plans directly on the mobile apps and desktop apps instead of clicking contacted.