Social Profile


Gain additional insights on your contacts through our instant social media search tool. Discover more about their background and get links to their profiles on platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn


Gauge your lead's demographics and interests to strategically communicate, plus determine the validity of the lead using the information pulled via our tool.

We also include a Google search link that you can click to explore additional information on the contact.

How It Works

Upon first entering your Follow Up Boss account as an automatic or manually added contact, our system will run a search in the background using the contact's name and email address.

We will gather as much data as possible and place it at the bottom-left of their lead profile. 

Additional Examples


Contacts with No or Incorrect Data

We scour the internet to find as much information as we can on the contact, however there are some cases where we can't pull in information because the contact has no social accounts associated with the email address they provided upon inquiry.

Additionally, on rare occasion, incorrect data may be pulled. If this is the case, hover your mouse over the Social Profile and click "X" to remove the information:

As you're working with leads and being to learn their social data, you can add these links to the "Background" our "Custom Fields" sections of the Lead Profile.