Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 9th, 2020


Get inbound calls from Call Action into your Follow Up Boss CRM automatically and send automated follow-ups and notifications to your team.

How It Works

Call Action is a system that helps you track and respond to all of your inbound phone calls. All activity on CallAction syncs automatically into Follow Up Boss.

Here's more on how CallAction and Follow Up Boss work together:

If you have a team, then CallAction can push calls and leads to your individual team members' Follow Up Boss accounts.

How Call Action Connects to Follow Up Boss

Available integration types:


 (Best full integration) 

Email Parsing

 (Gathers data found in emails only) 





1. Login to Follow Up Boss

2. Copy your Follow Up Boss API Key from your Admin>API page. Screen_Shot_2019-03-28_at_12.57.07_PM.png

3. Login to CallAction.

4. Click Profile at the top right.

5. Click Integrations.

6. Click Follow Up Boss.

7. Paste your Follow Up Boss API Key (from step 2 above).ca2.png

8. If you are the only user, turn on "Collect All."

9. Click Save.

10. Go to each of your Phone Numbers in CallAction.

11. Click Manage.

12. Click Call Settings.

13. Scroll down to Follow Up Boss and turn "ON" (note: you can do this individually for each number).

ca3.png14. Click Save.

Team Accounts

If you have a Team account, then each team member must login to their own individual CallAction accounts and follow the steps above to integrate their individual Follow Up Boss API Key.

Note: also provides a help guide on how to connect Follow Up Boss here

How to embed CallAction into Follow Up Boss

Assign text drip campaigns and send text messages directly within the Follow Up Boss CRM interface by activating the FUB embedded CallAction app.  

  1. Click on Admin
  2. Click on Integrations
  3. Scroll down to Embedded Apps
  4. Click on CallAction
  5. Click on Enable

Done! Go to a lead profile or the inbox to see the app in the right-hand sidebar. Watch this webinar to see the embedded app in action! 


What Data Does CallAction send to Follow Up Boss?

  • Every inbound lead call, text, email via CallAction automatically syncs into FUB.
  • Every outbound text or call logged.
  • Call recording transcriptions are synced.
  • Full lead intelligence from CallAction inputted into your FUB notes.
  • Tags from your CallAction campaign: CallAction tracking number, campaign name, origin (call, text, email), CallAction user name... all passed as FUB tags, allowing for email automation to be assigned to fire off "lead flow" & "action plans"
  • Text Tool leads synced with history of request (what "key" sent in & outbound "response")
  • Notes saved in CallAction, synced over.
  • Lead Router / Call Broadcast synced w/ notes on team member lead assignment
  • Inbound call length & duration times saved
  • Holiday text campaign outbound text & inbound responses logged
  • All future updates will also be pushed into FUB.

Using Ylopo and CallAction