Mojo Sells Integration

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 9th, 2020

The Mojo integration syncs your Mojo leads to Follow Up Boss (and vice versa). This is ideal for when you make contact with someone while prospecting Expireds and FSBOs in Mojo's dialer and want to transfer them to Follow Up Boss for further follow up. All Mojo to Follow Up Boss syncing is automatic.

If you're calling leads already in your Follow Up Boss, you may want to use our built in calling feature.

Integration Setup

1. Copy your Follow Up Boss API key from the My Settings screen


2. Log in to Mojo Sells and click Integrations in the user drop down menu


3. Go to the Follow Up Boss section and enter your API key from Step 1


4. Click "Manage stages" and select the stages you would like to sync


Sync Both Ways: Syncs leads from Mojo to Follow Up Boss when they are put into the corresponding Stage inside of Mojo.  Syncs all leads under that Stage in Follow Up Boss into Mojo.

Sync from Mojo to FUB only:  Syncs leads from Mojo to Follow Up Boss when they are put into the corresponding Stage inside of Mojo.

Not sync: Choosing to not sync a stage will ignore that stage completely and all of the leads assigned to it.

Note: You can select to only populate leads that have not been contacted in Follow Up Boss.  Contacted is a status inside Follow Up Boss Classic.

Using Mojo With Follow Up Boss



  • Follow Up Boss Stages (blue F icon) and SmartLists (purple F icon) will show up in Mojo under the Data & Dialer tab as Groups.   Assigning a Mojo l lead to a Stage or SmartList group in Mojo will sync that lead over to Follow Up Boss
  • Any Note added in Mojo to a synced lead will transfer over to Follow Up Boss as a Note


  • Any Call made in Mojo to a synced lead will transfer over to Follow Up Boss as a Call Log
  • Changing the name, address, and/or phone number in Mojo will update that information in Follow Up Boss
  • When the result of a number is marked Disconnected from Mojo, it is deleted from Mojo to prevent the number from being called again. To prevent the number from being removed from Follow Up Boss, take the following steps:
    1. While logged into Mojo navigate to Settings by clicking welcome and the login name located towards the top right of the screen.
    2. From Settings click Power Dialer on the left.
    3. Once in the Power Dialer section scroll down a little ways and you will see an option for (Do not delete disconnected numbers) They will need to check this box.

Note: To re-sync deleted leads in Mojo or to delete all Mojo contacts synced with Follow Up Boss you are able to click the Clean Up button under the Integrations > Follow Up Boss section of Mojo.


Using Follow Up Boss With Mojo

  • Any contact that is changed to a Follow Up Boss Stage setup to sync Both Ways with Mojo will transfer over to Mojo (demographic information only)



What is Mojo Sells?

Mojo is a dialer program that lets you quickly call lists of leads. You can get more information at

How do you sort by last added in Mojo?

Add the "Edit Date" to the lead columns and sort by that field

Additional Information:

  • Importing leads into Follow Up Boss via CSV could cause duplicates if you create a duplicate contact in Mojo and sync to Follow Up Boss.
  • Updating the "Manager" field in Mojo will not update the Assigned Agent field in Follow Up Boss.
  • Smart lists have a contact limit of 2,000 when syncing to Mojo.