Deal Report Pipeline

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 9th, 2020


The Deal Report Pipeline helps you make sense of your deals by providing cool filtering options that give you more visibility into:

  • Deals Closed Year-to-Date (YTD)
  • Deals Closed Month-to-Date (MTD)
  • Stage Averages At A Glance
  • Which Marketing Sources Are Working Best
  • Forecast of Pending Closings 

Getting Started FAQ

How do I get to the Pipeline Deals Report?

There are two easy ways to access the Pipeline Deal Report.

Option 1: Navigating to Reporting > Deals


Option 2: Clicking "Deal Reporting" at the top right of the Deals Screen


What filtering options are available with the Pipeline Report?

The Pipeline Report offers several filtering options that help you drill down into data points that provide insight into things like which team members are closing the post deals, deals closed by source, etc.

Available Filters:

Pipelines (Buyers, Sellers, etc.)

You can choose to see all your deals or the one associated with any of the pipelines you have setup.

Deals (All, Current, Archived)

You can filter to see All deals or a portion of deals that are either current or ones that you’ve archived.


Filtering by source gives you the ability to review what source was attributed to deals in your pipeline.


Choose Everyone, Teams, or an individual person to see deals unique to a certain segment of your overall team.


How does the graph determine what Deals to display?

The graph shows all deals with a closed date, filtered by your chosen stages and time frame:


Toggling off certain stages will update your view of the graph.

Can you edit or add a deal from the Pipeline Deal Report? 

Yes! To edit a deal, simply click on the name of the deal to display the editing menu:


You can also add a deal directly from the reporting screen using the "Add Deal" button:


How is "Time to Close" calculated?

Time to Close is calculated using the created date of the oldest contact attached to the deal. If the deal has no contacts then we use the deal created date.