Website Activities in Follow Up Boss

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 9th, 2020

If you have an  IDX website integrated with Follow Up Boss, you can see who visits your website and what they do. Depending on your website Follow Up Boss can show some of the following website activities:

  • Property Inquiry
  • General Inquiry
  • Seller Inquiry
  • Registration
  • Saved Property
  • Viewed Property
  • Viewed Page
  • Visited Website
  • Property Search
  • Saved Property Search
  • Unsubscribed
Please note not every website sends all of these events, it depends on which specific provider you use for your website.

Where can I see all these in Follow Up Boss?

There are a few places where website activities appear in Follow Up Boss: 

1. Dashboard


2. People screen, see "Last Activity" and website activity columns:


3. Individual person screen

Website Activity tab shows how many properties this person viewed on your website, number of saved properties and web pages visited: 


If you click "View All" link it will show you more information about viewed/saved properties and viewed pages:


Other events like Property Inquiry, Registration, etc. appear on the timeline (middle section of the screen):



You can also see reports related to website activities:

Which lead source has the most website activity?

In the top navigation menu go to "Reporting" > "Lead Sources" and select "which lead source has the most website activity" in the "Show me" dropdown:


Which properties or which zip codes generated the most inquiries?

In the top navigation menu go to "Reporting" > "Properties". You can switch between properties and zip codes in the "show me" dropdown:


How to see people who inquired about a specific property?

On the Properties report click on a specific property:


and you'll see a list of people who sent an inquiry about that specific property:


To quickly locate a property by address press Ctrl-F (Windows) or Cmd+F (Mac) to open browser's search prompt and start typing the address. Once address is located on the left side, hover mouse over that address on the left side and it will highlight the property on the map. Click on that property on the map and you'll see list of people who inquired about that property.