Follow Up Boss vs. FiveStreet

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 9th, 2020

Follow Up Boss is an alternative to FiveStreet that supports more options for lead distribution, robust drip campaigns, and makes it easy to be more direct and conversational because of how we assign leads to agents.

Existing FiveStreet Customers

If you’re an existing FiveStreet customer, Follow Up Boss can help you get the leads from FiveStreet into Follow Up Boss automatically. If you’re trying to parse brokerage leads being sent to you via FiveStreet, you can get those into Follow Up Boss by using your lead email address under the API section in your account.


So, what makes Follow Up Boss different?

More Options for Lead Distribution

Route leads to different agents on your team based on zip code, price, round robin, and more.


Go Beyond a Simple Auto Responder

Follow Up Boss's Action Plans prevent contacts from slipping through the cracks and keep your schedule on track. Build out a thorough drip campaign with automated emails and task reminders for the next 90 days, 6-months, full year, and beyond.


Integrated 2-Way Calling and Texting

All your client-related calls, texts, and emails are managed within your CRM for easy tracking and minimal data entry.


Sales Tools to Manage the Entire Customer Journey

Follow Up Boss has a full CRM rather than just a lead routing tool. We call the CRM and drip tool Action Plans. Watch this quick video below explaining how Action Plans work:


We have a team of Product Support Experts standing by waiting to assist you.


Regular Updates

We’re committed to the constant and never-ending improvement of Follow Up Boss and post updates frequently for our customers.