Batch Emailing 101: How to Mass Email Your Leads


What Is Batch Emailing?

Batch emailing gives you the ability to email groups, or "batches," of contacts at once.

Use batch emails to strategically engage every sector of your database by sending targeted messaging that is most relevant to where they are in your pipeline.

Popular Uses for Batch Emails:

What Should I Know Before Sending a Batch Email?

The goal of a batch email is to encourage relationships and communication.  

The best batch emails are:

  • Relevant: Send messaging that resonates most with your audience, for instance, you'll like be sending different messages to your buyers than your sellers. Use Smart Lists to target your sends.
  • Goal-Driven: Always consider the action you would like readers to take once they've read your email.
  • Concise: Everyone is busy and you're competing for their attention. Start with a bold headline, then include email copy that's easy to digest. Short, relevant emails with a clear call to action will often receive the most responses. 

Before sending a batch email, be sure to check out these Best Practices.

Getting Started

Connecting Your Email

You can send batch emails directly through Follow Up Boss using your Google or Office 365 connected email address. (How to Connect Your Email)

Sending Limits

  • domain - 300 emails per day.
  • Google Apps domain - 1,000 emails per day.
  • Office 365 - 1,000 emails per day, no faster than 30 emails per minute.

FAQ: Why only up to X sends per day?   

These emails are sending directly through your email account and you have a limit on how many emails you can send per day, so we want to make sure you don't max out on that AND we are protecting your deliverability.

Expanding Your Sending

SendGrid is a platform you can use to send beyond the limits set by your email provider, and/or send batch emails through Follow Up Boss using a non-Google or Office 365 based address.

You can send an unlimited number of emails, per your plan.

SendGrid Setup 

How to Send a Batch Email

1. Filter down your list to the segment you want to target. 

Select the people you want to email and click the bulk email icon.:

Or, you can choose everyone by clicking the empty checkbox at the top left, then clicking "Select All": 

2. Compose the email you wish to send.

You can use your existing templates and also leverage merge fields. If you need to navigate away from the compose screen, don't worry; we will save a draft of what you wrote so you can easily pick up where you left off.

3. Choose to include all email addresses. (Optional)

This checkbox is off by default, in which case your email is sent to the primary email address of each selected person.  If you turn on the checkbox, your email is sent to ALL email addresses of each selected person.

This is useful if you typically add a spouse as a second email address on the same contact record, with this feature you can keep everyone in the loop.

4. Choose to send from yourself or the assigned agent. (Admins only)

Admins can send mass emails on behalf of the assigned agent using our Batch Emailing feature. Replies to these emails will go to the agent for continued engagement.

This is great for ISAs or teams who want to provide marketing services for their agents.

More on Sending Batch Emails on Behalf of Agent

5. Preview your email to see how different merge fields are applied for different people. 

If you realize you've made a typo (interested instead of interest in the above example), go back to the compose screen and edit your email. Once ready, just click the Send Email button and Follow Up Boss will take care of the rest.

6. Send now or schedule for later.

Send your email now by clicking "Send Email to _ People" or click the clock icon to schedule your email for the future:

More on Email Scheduling

7. You're done!

Your email is now on its way.

Batch Email Reporting

View all of your sent bulk email from the reporting tab.

Click a particular email to drill down into the reporting by recipient of a particular send.

A few things to remember:

  • Open/Click tracking is automatic.
  • We send emails through your connected email address. 
  • We limit how many bulk emails can be sent to stay below Google/Office 365 daily quota limits.
  • We do not limit if you are using our SendGrid integration

Disable Batch Email functionality

Depending on your business processes, sometimes you may not want to allow sending batch emails in your Follow Up Boss account. To disable this feature altogether, click on the top right menu and select Power-Ups:

Then enable the toggle for the "Disable batch email" Power-Up:

Leveling Up