Enforce Google Sign-in

Here at Follow Up Boss, we take security very seriously. As you may know, Google accounts offer mature security measures such as two-factor authentication (2FA), blocking sign-ins from unusual locations, additional account verification and so on. You can leverage Google security by signing into Follow Up Boss with your Google account.

Anyone with Google account can use it to sign into Follow Up Boss:

As an account owner, you can also secure your entire Follow Up Boss account by enforcing Google sign-in for all users. It means everyone on your team must use Google sign-in and username/password login will no longer work. This is a great way to further secure your Follow Up Boss account.

Here are a few things that you need to be able to enable this feature:

1. As an account owner, your Follow Up Boss login email needs to be your company email address hosted with Google. It's currently called Google Workspace also known as G Suite or Google Apps before. If you don't use Google Workspace already, consider switching as it's a great business suite that integrates well with Follow Up Boss. Please note that personal email address such as john.smith@gmail.com will work with your own Google sign-in but won't allow you to enforce Google Sign-in for all users in your account. This is because all users need to have a company email address on the same domain, e.g. john.smith@mycompany.com.

2. If you didn't connect your Google account to Follow Up Boss, it's highly recommended to do so, it will allow you to import leads from all major lead providers and sync email history to Follow Up Boss automatically. You can do it by clicking "Sign in with Google" button on the "My Settings" screen:

Once connected, your email address is automatically verified with Follow Up Boss.

Alternatively, you can go to My Settings and click "Verity Email" link, then open your email app and click on the link to verify your email address:

3. Make sure that all other users in your Follow Up Boss account use a company email address on the same domain as yours. For example, if your email address is joe.boss@mycompany.com then all users need to have a Follow Up Boss login email on the same domain, e.g. anna.smith@mycompany.com.

4. You need to be on the Pro or Platform plan that are best suited for growing and larger teams.

Once you get all these 1-4 things covered, you can enable enforcing Google Sign-in with one click on the Power-Ups screen:

Go to Power-Ups screen from the top right menu:

and click the toggle to enable Enforce Google Sign-in feature:

Important: once you click the toggle, all users in your Follow Up Boss account will need to use their Google account to sign-in and won't be able to login with password anymore.

You can disable this feature later if needed by clicking this toggle again.