Contact Relationships (Power-Up)

Written by Joe Kulick

Last published at: February 26th, 2021

We have introduced an early build of our upcoming Contact Relationships feature for you to preview. When this Power-Up is enabled via our Power-Ups screen you will notice a new section within your Person & Inbox screen within Follow Up Boss.

Overview Video

Person Screen

From a main contact you'll see a new Relationship section

  1. Adding a Relationship: By clicking the '+' you can enter in the name and relationship type.
  2. Relationship Type: You can select an existing type or type in a new type.
  3. Add contact details: Once a new relationship is saved you can then add contact and address details to that contact.

Texting Contact Relationships

Texting a related works the same and you'll notice the related contact in the timeline details as well.

Inbox Contact Relationships

From the Inbox you can also see Contact Relationships.

  1. Conversation Messages: You can see in the conversation both the primary and related text conversations.
  2. Related Icon: You will also see a related icon if the conversation has a related contact in it.
  3. Relationships: You can also quickly edit related contacts

Searching Contact Relationships

You can also search for Contact Relationship and you'll notice a related icon if the search finds a match on a related contact.