Google Account:

If you are the main "account owner" on your team's FUB account and your Google email account is connected to Follow Up Boss, then your leads can be sent to your connected Google email. Our system will automatically pick them up from there. This is the best way to set up the lead flow.

Alternative Setup:

  1. In your Follow Up Boss account, go to Admin > API.
  2. Find your lead email address (it will end in and copy it.
  3. Login at then click your profile picture in the top right and click settings.
  4. Under AdvantageSM Pro, Profile leads and Courtesy leads enter your Google Email (if account owner) or email and click save.

    You can also send a test through the system on this page:


The fields parsed from are Name, Email and Phone Number. A copy of the original lead email will also be sent to you and stored in Follow Up Boss.