How to Create and Edit Action Plans

Admins have the ability to create and edit Action Plans. Admins can also find more Action Plans to use in the  Action Plan Sharing Library.

To Create an Action Plan:

1. Go to the Action Plans page (Admin > Action Plans).

2. Click “Create your own” at the top-right.

3. On the next page, give the Action Plan a name to label it.

4. Check or uncheck the “Pause Action Plan” option. Checking this option is recommended to prevent sending contacts automated emails/follow ups after they have already been contacted. Checking this option will automatically pause the Action Plan when any of the following actions occur:

  • Your lead replies to you via email
  • Your lead replies to you via text 
  • You log a phone call lasting more than 2.5 minutes in duration (logged through the Calling feature or FUB mobile app calling). The 2.5 minute duration is in place to prevent short calls or voicemails from pausing the Action Plan. If you are logging a call manually through the desktop version, you should manually pause the plan.

*Note: Action plans will not pause automatically if it was manually applied to the lead*

5. Add an initial autoresponder text message by clicking “Add initial text message” (optional).

  • If adding an autoresponder text, you can set an optional minute delay to send the text with a delay of several minutes for a more natural appearing text. 
  • Autoresponder texts will not send after hours, as explained here: Delayed Texts
  • More information on autoresponder texts here: Initial Autoresponder Texts

6. Below the field for the autoresponder text, you can add or edit the remaining steps in the Action Plan, such as sending a series of drip  Email Templates or automatically creating Tasks for you on your Calendar.

7. For each step, schedule when the action will run by setting the “Run X days after previous step” field.

8. For each step, you can choose the step's “Action” to be either “Create Task,” “Send Email from Assigned Agent/Lender,” or “Pause all other/specific Action Plans.”

  • The “Create Task” action allows you to label the task and set who that task will auto-assign to. If adding a task as part of an Action Plan, you can specify the task type to indicate the specific action you'd like to make when that task is due. 
  • The “Send Email” action allows you to choose an email template that will automatically send.

9. Click “Add step” if you’d like to continue adding steps and other actions.

10. You can drag and drop each step to re-order the actions.

11. Click “Save” at the top right of the Action Plan when finished.

To edit an existing Action Plan (Admins only):
1. Go to the Action Plans page (Admin > Action Plans).
2. Click the "edit" link next to the Action Plan. 
3. Follow the steps above for creating an Action Plan (starting with step 3) to edit the Action Plan's steps. 
Please note: Editing an Action Plan will update the Action Plan for all contacts who are currently assigned to it.