Reporting Bugs in iPhone App

Are you experiencing a bug or recurring glitch in the Follow Up Boss iPhone app? Please report it to our support team by following these steps:
  1. After experiencing the bug or glitch in the iPhone app, create a bug report in the app. To do this, simply shake your phone. If nothing happens, ensure that you have installed the latest version of the iPhone app.
    1. At the prompt, tap Yes to open the feedback reporting screen.

  2. The feedback reporting screen looks like this:
  3. In the bug report form, include a summary of the issue in the “Short summary” field, such as “Loading slow” or “Page not loading." 
  4. Include any further information or list the specific steps you made to reproduce the bug in the “Details” field.
  5. Tap "Send" at the top right.
  6. After sending the bug report, send us an email separately to, and let us know that you just submitted an iPhone bug report form. 
  7. From there, our support team will be able to look up your specific bug report to further investigate your app session and detailed problem in the app.

View a video tutorial of these steps  here.