First to Claim

About First to Claim

A first to claim group allows you to distribute a lead to multiple agents.

When a new lead comes in for a first to claim group, all members of the group will receive a notification on their phones. By tapping the notification, an agent can claim the lead, at which point the lead will be assigned to them. Any agents trying to claim the lead afterward will be informed that the lead has already been claimed.

If no one claims the lead, it will be assigned to a fallback agent after a certain amount of time. The fallback agent may be a member of the first to claim group, but doesn't have to be.

Important Info:

  • Be sure agents know notifications will only appear if they have our mobile app downloaded and push notification turned on.
  • First to Claim notifications will not come via email or text.
  • They must tap to open the notification and claim the lead. Swiping a notification can clear it.
  • Make sure every agent has viewed the video below before being put on First to Claim assignment:

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Setting Up First to Claim

To set up a first to claim group, go to Admin > Groups.

You can change any existing Agents group to a first to claim group, or you can add a new group.

Note: Lender groups cannot be changed to First to Claim; they are always Round Robin groups.

The maximum time for leads to remain unclaimed is 30 minutes. This is so action plans and texts go out quickly for new leads. 

Select which agents should be part of the group, and click the "First to Claim" option. For a first to claim group, you can also change which agent should be assigned on new leads if none of the group members claim the lead within the specified time.

Note: Make sure that all the agents added to the group have the Follow Up Boss app installed on their phone. Leads can only be claimed with the iPhone or Android app.

After you have created your First to Claim group, double check the Lead Flow screen to make sure leads will be distributed to the group. See our article on  Lead Flow, Assignment & Groups for more details.

Claiming a Lead

When an unclaimed lead is available to an agent, they will receive a notification on their phone. 

Tapping the notification will prompt the agent to claim the lead:

Unclaimed leads are also displayed on the recent screen, and can be claimed there.