My email didn't sync to FUB

When your email is connected in FUB, your emails sent to and received from leads should sync to FUB. If an email didn't sync, here are a few things you can do:

Check the to/from email addresses in the email: One of the emails must be your connected email address in FUB and the other must be the exact email address you have for your lead in FUB. If either is different, the email won't sync. 

Check the default email on your mobile device: When emailing from the FUB app on your phone, we will use the default email on your device. If this is different from your connected email in FUB, then the emails sent from the FUB app won't sync to FUB. More on that here for iPhone:

Give it time: If you are using a non-Google email, like a Go Daddy email, there may just be a delay in the sync. If this becomes a frequent issue, you may want to consider switching your email provider. More on that here:

If you've done the above and your email still isn't syncing, reach out to us at