Quick Start

Step 1 - connect your leads
Have your leads sent to the Google account you connected to Follow Up Boss.

We will automatically process leads from Zillow, Trulia, Realtor.com and 100 other providers.

Full list here  http://www.followupboss.com/lead-providers

Step 2 - invite team
Invite your agents and assistants on the Admin > Team screen.

Step 3 - import
Use our import tool to bring in your past clients and database.

Step 4 - lead routing
Go to Admin > Lead Flow once you have received some new leads in the system, here you can choose to assign new leads from each source to an individual agent or to a group of agents (in which case the leads will round robin).

Step 5 - action plans
For each lead source you can automatically trigger an instant text message and series of emails for new leads.

To see your action plans go to Admin > Action Plans.

To apply an action plan to a new lead source go to Admin > Lead Flow