Do you need to give access to a person beyond just the assigned agent and lender? 

Perhaps you want a team lead or ISA to have access, but do not want to raise their access to be an admin. 

Collaborators are an easy way to give additional members of your team access to a person.

You can easily view and manage collaborators for a person on the right hand side of the person details page.

Additionally, you can filter by collaborators on the People screen:

You can mass-add collaborators to a number of people. Tick the people you'd like to add collaborators to and select "Add Collaborators" from the Actions menu:

You can add selected people to multiple collaborators in one go. Each collaborator will be notified via email that they were added to people.

You can also mass-remove collaborators from a number of people in the same way.

Collaborators are able to perform any actions that an assigned agent or lender can. 

Collaborators can also view any shared emails for the person.

Coming in the future:

  • Automatic assignment of collaborators to new leads