Follow Up Boss Notifications

Here are the different times we notify you via text, email and push notifications

Event Email Notification Text Notification Push Notification (Mobile) Push Notification (Desktop)
New Lead
Inquiry for Existing Lead

Lead Re-assigned to you

Note Added to your lead

Text reply to Action Plan initial text

Text reply to normal text
Task Re-assigned to you
Added as a Collaborator
Someone opens your email
Someone clicks on your email
Task Reminders

New Lead Alerts - Assigned Agent: If your phone number is in your settings, you will receive a text notification for all new leads in addition to an email notification and a desktop notification (if enabled).  These alerts come 24/7. For more on this, check out New Lead Alerts.

New Lead Alerts - Admin User: If you are an Admin user, you can enable your account to receive notifications for new leads for all agents.  These will come as both email alerts and text alerts.

Reassigned Leads: If a lead is reassigned to you, you will receive a text notification and/or an email notification depending on whether one or multiple leads were reassigned to you. 

You are added as a Collaborator: If you are added as a collaborator on a lead, you will receive an email notification.

Ongoing Lead Activity: If you receive an new inquiry, etc., from an existing lead, you will receive an email notification and a text message.

Task Notifications: If someone assigns you a task, you will get notified of the new task via email.  However, you will not receive a notification at the time or day the task is due. The FUB Calendar and Task feature is a great way to view all of your tasks for today, in the future, and even those that are overdue.  If you utilize the Google Calendar sync, you can set your Google Calendar to alert you.

Notes: If someone else creates a note on a contact assigned to you, you will receive an email notification alerting you to the changes.

Missed Calls: If you have the Calling feature enabled, and you have a missed call, it will show up in the contact’s timeline, and also right inside your Inbox.

Texting Through Follow Up Boss: When using the texting feature, you will receive a text and email notification only for a contact's first reply to an action plan's initial autoresponder text. 

After that initial text response from a contact, you will receive:

  • Desktop notifications (if enabled)
  • iPhone push notifications (The alert view is best) 
  • Android push notifications (with the new Android app)
  • You will NOT receive text or email notifications

See this video on how texting works on iPhone

Please note:

  • The push notifications/text alerts will only go to the agent assigned to the lead.
  • If a lead calls your virtual FUB texting number, the call will route to the assigned agent's cell phone or the number saved on the settings page. 

This is how you enable notifications:

Troubleshooting Tips:

I’m not getting new leads alerts - what should I do?

  • Make sure the lead is actually a new lead.  We won’t send a text if the lead already exists in FUB.
  • Check your settings - make sure your phone number is in FUB and that you have text alerts checked off so we can send you text alerts.
  • Make sure you are checking the right email inbox - email notifications will be sent to the email address you use to log into FUB.
  • Check your email/text messages - these can get lost in the clutter! search in your email.
  • Still having trouble? Reach out to and let us know the name of a lead you didn’t get notified about!