Working with Tasks

Tasks can become overwhelming, especially with lots of them. That is why we want to help you focus on tasks that matter to you at the point you are ready to action them.

You can now view tasks by:

  • Calendar view: Allows you to easily see tasks due on a specific day.
  • Today's tasks: Easily be able to see what you need to do today.
  • Overdue tasks: We understand, sometimes you can't complete tasks the day they are due, so you can go back and catch up when you have time!
  • Future tasks: See what is upcoming so you can better prepare. We have you covered! This view will also show tasks with no due date.

Workflow matters, and one thing we have tried to do is help make actioning these tasks easier. It's not always ideal to just see a list of tasks, most customers want to be able to see the contact details to send an email or give them a call. For this, simply go to a task list, click on a person to see their details. But wait, there is a navigation at the top right which will take you to the next person with the next actionable task!


Question: I'd like to see what other users tasks are. Can I do that?
Answer: If you are an admin, yes! There is a dropdown in the top right of the Calendar and Tasks pages, you can select from "Everyone" to a specific user

Question: I have a lot of overdue tasks. How can I delete them?
Answer: From Overdue Tasks, click the "Clear My Overdue Tasks" link. You can clear your own tasks. Even as an admin, you only have the ability to clear your own tasks.