Tags allow you a flexible way to categorize your contacts. Unlike stages, a contact may have multiple tags.

Filtering by tags

1. Turn on the tags column. 2. Hover over the tags column and choose which tags you wish to exclude or include.

Mass applying tags or removing tags

Applying a tag on a contact

Click the plus + icon on the left to bring up the tag list. You can select multiple tags to apply. If you don't see the tag you want, type it in, and you will be able to create it as a new tag. When finished, click "Save Tags".

Managing Tags

You can also manage all of your tags by going to Admin > Tags. All your tags will be displayed.

Tags are sorted alphabetically, and you can search for a tag by name. You can edit and delete tags if you are an Admin.

If you click on the name of the tag, it will show you all the contacts who have that tag. If all the contacts with a certain tag are in Trash, the tag will show up on this page, but won't be linkable.