Real Geeks

The Real Geeks integration allows you to receive leads and see which properties people are saving.  

If you have a team, the same lead can be routed to the same person in Follow Up Boss as in Real Geeks.


1. Login to your Real Geeks website at

2. Click settings and insert your email address in the alternate 
email address field. To find your FUB lead email, just go to Admin>API.
3. Scroll down the settings page to Notifications. In the alternate column, select "New Leads," "Seller Leads valuation inquiry," "Leads become active," and "Leads favorite a property."
4. Do a test registration on your Real Geeks website and then favorite a property
 to check everything is flowing in smoothly.
Multiple Users/Assignment from Real Geeks

You may want to still assign leads through Real Geeks, so that the property update emails from Real Geeks come from the assigned agent. 

To do this you will log in to the settings screen of each individual agent in Real Geeks and put in their email, which you can get from

Make sure only one email is sent to FUB for each lead, not one from the agent's settings and also one from the account owner's settings.
Email with your Real Geeks username and password 
if you need any help and we can set this up for you.
Existing Real Geeks leads
To bring your existing Real Geeks over to Follow Up Boss do an export to .csv in their system and  use our import tool
When there is new activity on the such as they favorite a property that will show up on their record, if the lead isn't already in Follow Up Boss and activity occurs a new lead will be created.