Zillow and Trulia (Premier Agent)

  1. Login to Zillow and click "Account"
  2. Click 'Connect to My CRM'
  3. Select 'Follow Up Boss' as the partner
  4. Enter the email address you use to login to Follow Up Boss as the Partner ID
  5. Click Save and you should now see the status as active.

Leads not supported:

Currently Zillow does not send the following set of leads through this method:

  •   Phone inquiries (these are not available from Zillow and are accessed through the Premier Agent mobile app)
  •   Trulia seller requests (leads from Trulia Seller Ads)
  •   Trulia profile requests (leads from a user’s Trulia profile page)
  •   Trulia listing agent requests (leads from any featured listing or whenever a request is made to the listing agent)
  •   Zillow rental leads

Note: The Zillow "Respond First" feature will cause a 3-4 minute delay in the lead transfer from Zillow to Follow Up Boss if enabled.  That feature can be disabled in Zillow Premier Agent by clicking on Settings > Notifications > Edit Premier Agent Concierge > Disable Status.