Automations Based on New Activity

Reach out when an old lead has new activity

If you've got the Follow Up Boss Pixel installed on your website, you can see when an old lead visits your site and trigger an action plan based on their activity. Try out these Automations to trigger action plans based on new activity from existing leads:  

New Inquiry for an existing lead: Follow up for 1 week

Make sure you get the most out of your marketing dollars! When an existing lead has a new inquiry, make sure your team is getting in touch - fast!

Person changed behavior and is active again after 14 days

When your lead becomes active after being dormant, the time to act is now! Using the Follow Up Boss Pixel, this automation will detect when there is new activity, send an timely email and prompt the assigned agent to continue to follow up while interest is high!

Past Client Saves a Home

When a past client saves a home, drop a quick line to check-in and see how things are going.

Unconverted lead is active now. Call!

Using the Follow Up Boss Pixel, ensure agents are aware of all unconverted leads' activities on your website. This automation will assign a task they know when to act.