Appointment Text Reminders

Never have another appointment no-show with text reminders.

Beta Power Up

Feature currently in beta and can be enabled by admins on the Powers Ups screen.

Send a text reminder to the contacts who have been invited to an appointment:

When this box is ticked, saving an appointment will queue up a text reminder for the upcoming appointment.

Reminders will be sent at the following times:

  • If you create a same-day appointment, the text reminder is sent right away. 
  • For appointments that start before 8:30 am, the text reminder will be sent an hour before the appointment. 
  • For appointments that start after 8:30 am, the text reminder will be sent at 8:30 am. 
  • For an all-day appointment, the text reminder will be sent at 12:30 pm the day before.

Times are based on the user's timezone unless an explicit appointment timezone was set.

Reminders will be sent out from the appointed user's phone number (typically, this will be the creator of the appointment). If multiple contacts are invited, then reminders will be sent as a group SMS.

Reminders themselves will include the contact's name, the time, and the location (if one was entered):

Rescheduling tips

If someone lets you know they need to reschedule, call them right away to setup a new time. It's much easier to save appointments right away instead of putting it off until later.