Setup to pull HotPads rental leads directly into your Follow Up Boss account.


  1. Create a HotPads account with your lead processing email or, if you are a Follow Up Boss account owner, your connected Google/Gmail email address.
  2. Navigate to the HotPads profile section by hover overing your email in the top right hand corner and clicking Edit Profile
  3. Create a password and save

Post a Listing

  1. Click Post a Listing at the top of the screen and add in your property address
  2. Add your property information into the listing and click Activate to activate the listing (it will take 2-3 minutes to post to HotPads)
  3. Find your property on HotPads and submit a fake test inquiry (you will find your test lead under Admin > Lead Flow inside Follow Up Boss)

What Information Transfers from HotPads to Follow Up Boss?

  • Lead Name
  • Lead Phone Number
  • HotPads conversation email (to pull communication with the lead into Follow Up Boss)
  • Rental Listing Price
  • Rental Property Inquiry Address