Happy Grasshopper Integration

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 9th, 2020

Happy Grasshopper is a tool for instant, automated responses and long-term keep-in-touch campaigns. This is how the integration works:

  • What is synced: Tags, source, and stage are all synced. These will all appear as tags in HG.
  • Tags: The sync is from FUB to HG, but not the other way around. Edit your contacts in FUB and not in HG.
  • How often is the sync? HG re-syncs from FUB Boss every 6 minutes
  • Deleting Contacts: If you delete someone from FUB, they do not get deleted in HG. If you delete a contact in FUB, you will also need to delete it in HG. Alternatively, you can move them to Trash or Unsubscribed instead.
  • Unsubscribes: If a contact unsubscribes from an HG message, they will be unsubscribed in FUB
  • Complaints: When a contact marks an HG sent message as spam, that is what they call a "Complaint". This does not unsubscribe the contact per se, but it marks the contact "inactive" in HG. Any inactive contacts in HG are no longer sent messaging there. 

    There are a number of reasons a contact can be made inactive in HG:
    • Email address is invalid 
    • An email from HG hard bounces.
    • The recipient marks the message as Spam (Complaint).
    • The contact unsubscribes.


How to sync email between Follow Up Boss and Happy Grasshopper:

Simply enter the login information for Happy Grasshopper as the account owner under Admin > Integrations and click Save. If your info is accurate, it will say "Happy Grasshopper is connected" and specify the username.


How to disconnect email sync:

If you wish to disconnect Happy Grasshopper and Follow Up Boss, simply select and delete the Happy Grasshopper username and password. Click "Disconnect Happy Grasshopper" and your accounts will be disconnected. 

How to sync your contacts to Happy Grasshopper including source, contacted status, and tags (these will all show up in Happy Grasshopper as tags):

You can also view HG email sends, opens, and clicks in Follow Up Boss.

1. Get your Follow Up Boss API key from Admin > API. Click here for help finding your API key.

2. Log in to Happy Grasshopper

3. Click "Settings"


4. Click "Integrations"


5. Enter your Follow Up Boss API Key and press "Save"


For help setting up your Happy Grasshopper emails contact HG on 727 232 9117 or  support@happygrasshopper.com

Note: "Send by Audience or Message Type" emails are not supported via the Follow Up Boss Happy Grasshopper integration at this time. They will not be visible in the Follow Up Boss timeline.