Tracking Dates in Follow Up Boss

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 9th, 2020

Staying top of mind is essential to your business. Follow Up Boss makes it so you never forget an important date!

Here’s how to keep track of key dates like birthdays, anniversaries, closing dates, and more.

Setup Custom Fields

Account owners can add recurring date custom fields that can be utilized by the entire team.

A birthday field is included by default with your FUB account, but additional fields like spouse or a child’s birthday can be added.

Birthdays & Anniversaries

1. Create a Smart List

2. Connect with Clients On or Around Their Important Date

There are multiple ways to let clients know that you're thinking about them, suggestions include:

  • Sending an email or text template on their actual birthday or anniversary.
  • Personally calling your contacts to wish them well.
  • Sending a batch email to all contacts on your smart list to celebrate their "birthday month" - perhaps with an incentive to drop by your office or a list of in-town restaurants that provide birthday incentives.
  • Creating mailing labels to send cards or gifts.
  • Using mass actions to apply a tag that triggers a physical postcard send in Zapier. (Popular platforms include MailChimp Postcards, Thankster, Lob, and Click2Mail.)

Additional Dates

To create a smart list based on a date:

1. Go to Filters > Custom Field Date (e.g. Hire Anniversary Date)
2. Select "In The Next" and put the amount of time you wish to filter
3. Choose "Save List" for easy access next time


Detailed information on creating smart lists.