Website Activity

The Website Activity Tab provides insight into what a lead is looking for so you can easily:

  • Prioritize your leads.
  • Best understand their needs.
  • Engage in meaningful conversations.
  • Send relevant updates and communication.


Marketing Source

Quickly see the marketing source that your leads came from, as Follow Up Boss gathers this information from the initial events recorded for this person.

At a Glance and Recent Activity

Easily see what your leads are most interested in and where they are looking. This data is populated based on the lead's most recent data from the past two weeks of searches.

  • Price: Median price range of their searches.
  • Beds: Average number of bedrooms they're looking for based on their searches.
  • Square Feet: Median square footage of homes they're browsing.
  • Baths: Median number of baths across homes they're browsing, rounded. (E.g. 2.5 becomes 3)
  • Zip Codes: The most recent areas in which they were browsing for homes.
  • Seen: The last time they completed any activity. 

Online Now

See who is online right now so you can follow up with hot leads right away! The green dot indicates the user is active on your site.

To create a Smart List of online leads, filter by Inactive less than 5 minutes ago:

Recent Activity 

  • Show the shows 5 the most recent inquiries, page views, property views, or property saves.
  • Message Icon: Property Inquiry
  • Heart Icon: Saved Property
  • Eye Icon: Viewed Property
  • Hover over the property see when the activity occurred and how many times they viewed a property:

View More

  • See a breakdown of all activity by type:

  • Click to view more data on the source's website:

Using the Follow Up Boss Website Activity Tracker

Website Activity is captured for most sources like Zillow, Realtor, and your integrated website automatically, and no additional setup is required.

If you want to gather the most data from your website, including when leads are active on your site, we recommend using our Tracking Widget.

This works on any website where you have access to add a snippet of code.

Strategically Prioritize & Convert Leads

Maximize your follow up by engaging with leads when they are active on your site. See a lead has saved 5 properties? It’s a good time to reach out with a call. Have a stale lead that’s back on your website? Send them a text!

Everything You Need to Work Leads Quickly


How do I populate the most website activity, like saved searches and property views?

We're able to gather property saves and viewed pages from website providers who integrate with Follow Up Boss via API. List of Integrated Website Providers

What if my website isn't on your list of integrations?

No worries! You can install the Follow Up Boss tracking to any website. This works by installing JavaScript code into your site. Setup Instructions