Zapier Parser Instructions

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 9th, 2020

Occasionally there will be lead sources that do not have a Follow Up Boss parser and have a format that is incompatible with the Follow Up Boss generic parser.  In those cases a good alternative is to use Zapier's parser to send leads over to Follow Up Boss.

Set Up Zapier Parser

  1. Go to and sign up for a free account (this is a separate account from your regular account)
  2. Click Create Mailbox


  3. Click Skip Waiting

  4. Name your Mailbox (preferably something easy to remember)z2.png

  5. Forward a copy of the lead notification you would like to parse to the address you created in step 4.

  6. Click Mailboxes at the top and then click Edit next to the mailbox you set up (make sure that you have forwarded over the lead notification to the mailbox first)z3.png

  7. Highlight the fields that you would like to parse and give them a namez4.png

  8. Click Save Address and Template at the bottom of the page (change to classic V1 legacy if you have issues with the parsing format)

Set Up The Zap

  1. Navigate to and create a free account, if you don't have one already
  2. Click the orange Make a Zap button
  3. Choose Mail Parser as the app option 


  4. Select the New Email option and click Save + Continue

  5. Click Connect an Account and connect the Zapier Parser account that you created in the previous steps

  6. Choose your Zapier Parser mailbox from the dropdown and click Continue

  7. Click Fetch and Continue

  8. Choose Follow Up Boss as the next app

  9. Choose New Inquiry or Website Event as the action

  10. Click Connect an Account and input your Follow Up Boss API (found under Admin > More > API in Follow Up Boss)

  11. Select Registration from the Event Type dropdown and manually type in the name of the lead sourcez6.png

  12. Click the + button next to each field that you parsed and select the parse output option (i.e. Parser Output First Name, Parser Output Email, etc)

  13. Click Continue and send in a test lead (you should now see that lead source in Follow Up Boss under Admin > Lead Flow along with the test lead)

Gmail Auto-Forwarding

Lastly you will want to use a Google Filter Rule to automatically forward those email notifications to your email address:


Zapier's Parser cannot write data to custom fields in Follow Up Boss. To add data to custom fields, you can build a custom API integration.

Contact for any further questions.