Drip Text Integration Options

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 9th, 2020

1-1 & Group Texts vs Text Message Marketing

Follow Up Boss calling and texting is designed to be used as your direct business line. Call and text your leads exactly like you always do -- you can even group text! It works just like when you text or call on your phone, except that you do it through the Follow Up Boss app and it's all logged and recorded for you.

To protect your business number’s reputation, drip and mass texting are not included in Follow Up Boss. We want to make sure your most important 1-1 and group texts always get to your hot leads and clients. 

Want to set up drip texts, AI texting, or other text marketing? No problem, advanced texting campaigns are available by connecting Follow Up Boss with one of several partners.

Texting Integrations

All of the partners below can be quickly integrated with Follow Up Boss so you can trigger text campaigns, view texting activity and more. 

AI Text

Ylopo Raiya - Free demo


Drip Text

Agent Legend - 14-day free trial

Call Action - 14-day free trial

Mass Text

FYI--Mass texting can be a pretty risky strategy, and we’re seeing fewer coaches recommend it these days. But if you're interested, there are options:

SendHub - Free trial

Textedly - 14-day free trial

Slick Text - 14-day free trial

Human Powered Text

Aiva - Free demo

Verse - Free demo



Q: Why doesn’t Follow Up Boss have drip texting or mass texting?

A: These kinds of texting campaigns have unique requirements and we think our customers will get the best results by using a specialized texting provider. Plus, using a third party provider for text message marketing helps us protect the reputation of your Follow Up Boss business number so you can make the most of our industry-leading dialer. 

Q: When will Follow Up Boss offer drip texting and mass texting?

A: Our current plan is to continue integrating with best-in-class drip texting providers. We deliver the best results for our customers when we focus on being the best at a small number of things. Drip texting is a big undertaking that we’re going to leave to those best-in-class providers.