Reassign Lead to Group

Situations where you may want to reassign a lead to a group include:

  • Distribution of incoming leads by an ISA or team admin.
  • Notifying agents of stale leads who haven't been engaged in awhile. 
  • Individually reassigning the leads of an agent who is leaving the team.
  • Distributing imported leads evenly.

How to Reassign Leads to a Group

1. Open the lead profile:

2. Click where it says Agent:

3. Choose from your list of existing groups:

4. Click the checkmark to lock-in the assignment:

5. A reassignment confirmation will appear in the lead's timeline:

Note: Leads reassigned to a Round Robin group will go to the next person in line and display as shown directly above. Leads assigned to a First to Claim group will display a timer showing how many minutes remain before the lead is assigned to the default First to Claim agent (as shown in video towards the top of this page).

What Happens With Tasks?

When you reassign a person, tasks created by action plans also get reassigned if they were originally assigned to the same user as the person. This is done so that tasks created for assigned agent get transferred to the new agent so they can do those tasks.

Manually created tasks and action plan tasks that were assigned to a different user, for example ISA, don't get reassigned automatically. You can reassign them manually by clicking on the task and changing assigned agent.

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