Google Sheets Integration .- API Nation

Use API Nation to connect Follow Up Boss with third-party software platforms.

In this article we'll illustrate how to take your “People” from Follow Up Boss and sync them neatly to a Google Sheet so you can have a backup of the info and also run report and create leaderboards and charts.

How to Integrate with Google Sheets Using API Nation

(Video by API Nation)

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Add the API Nation integration to dotloop

Go to

Find the Google Drive logo and click Sync Now:

Grab your API key from Follow Up Boss:

Go back to the API Nation page and paste the API:

Click Connect Follow Up Boss:

2. Sign Into your Google account

Select your Google account and Sign in:

3. Configure and Launch

Select the Follow Up Boss people that you would like synced:

  • You can check the box to sync all your people on first run or leave it unchecked to only sync new people and changes going forward.
  • You can also filter by specifying a tag to sync to the sheet. Make sure you type the tag correctly, using the same capitalization and spacing. Specify multiple tags by separating them with a comma.

Name the Google Sheet you want to sync your People to:

  • By default it will create a sheet called “Follow Up Boss leads”, but you can choose a different name if you’d like.

Hit Start:

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