Merge Contacts

Written by Erik Wantland

Last published at: December 9th, 2020

Sometimes duplicate contacts may be created in your Follow Up Boss account. In these situations, use the Merge Contacts action to combine the two contacts into a single one.

Finding Contacts to Merge

A good way to find duplicate contacts is to sort the People screen alphabetically by the Name column. To sort, simply click on the column heading.


You can also search for a contact by name and click View list of people to see them on the People screen.


Merging Profiles

Select the contacts you would like to merge, and then choose 'Merge Contacts'. You must select at least 2 contacts, but no more than 10 contacts.


You'll see a dialog window asking you to select the main contact to merge data to. All information from the listed contacts will be transferred to the main contact that you select. However, the main contact of a merge retains all running action plans, assigned agent, lender, stage, name and any other information that could not be combined successfully. When in doubt, choose the main contact to be the one with the most information already associated with it.

The merged contacts not designated as the main contact will have their action plans paused, and stage changed to Trash.


After selecting the main contact, press the blue button to proceed and the contacts will be merged together and you'll return to the list of people.